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We at ARAA believe in a harmonious and supportive  alternative development that involve the sharing of information
and the concerted application of ecological solutions to solve the challenges of the modern world.

Documentary Center

Collaborate with the county of Idanha-a-Nova and its institutions, associations, schools, institutes, companies, professionals or individuals, to transmit knowledge, valuing the entire humanist network for sustainable development.

Teaching & Workshops

Learn from these areas:

Agri-food sector, agriculture, horticulture, phytocosmetic, fruits and viticulture, techniques of natural health, relaxation, meditation, yoga, qi-gong, specialized fields of different tradictional handicraft techniques

Seminar & conferences

Establish an effective “Information Pool” for the supportive development of the rural world, in a comprehensive and modern approach to the health and well-being of the residents.

Environment & Technical support

Natural care to pests & diseases, composting, fertilizing, working the soil, pruning, bio-balanced ratio for each type of animals, at each stage of life, bio-menus & gluten-free cooking with care of allergenic ingredients for families, canteens & rural places


Associação de Recursos Ambientais Alternativos


Non-profit humanitarian association with the aim of ensuring the population’s quality of life and health care with means respecting the environment, nature, culture, traditions supported by ecology, agriculture and organic livestock, traditional medicine in the context of development global, endogenous and durable.

We are here to help and share knowledge & information

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